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Das PAVIS REPORTING SYSTEM provides you as a plant operator, with an effective and clear way to get an overview of the production data stored on your SQL databases.

Relevant production data stored on SQL servers are filtered out as required, and incorporated into reports specially prepared for you. Manually generated data such as laboratory values are recorded report-specific and written back to the databases.

The reports are accessed via a web browser.
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SQL Database tables are used to collect production data and recipe values.

The reports to be created are based on data from database queries that are used by SQL Server to Management Studios and database query functions.
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User interface

SQL Database tables are used to collect production data and recipe values.

If required, solutions such as Power BI are also included visualisation.
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✓ Extensive storage of production data in the associated databases
✓ Professional preparation of data for analysis purposes
✓ Reports tailored to your needs for individual business areas and the specific information needs of plant operators
✓ Basis for energy management and ERP systems
✓ Flexible expandable

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